Inspirational Words


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Hi, I hope all is well with you and yours.
I found this post and just had to share it. I truly believe that if you live by these rules in life. Your spiritual attainments will be endless. Read on.
You are amazing!*Life is infinite* God is Love* We are family*Let your life uplift others*Every few hours pay attention to your breath*Like yourself*You belong*I belong*We belong in this world together*We are all connected*There are no bad people, just forgetful ones*Give yourself a break from your cell phone, computer, friends, family, and go for a long walk*Take yourself out* Be gentle, kind, because you are divine* There is no such thing as fear, only forgetting who you really are* Remember* Love, love, love* Love is giving* Abundance is giving*Heal with laughter and tears*Dance lots* Play drums and make music* Sing often* Explore possibilities* Explore love past what you even thought it could be* Enjoy being naked* Stop lusting after people, material wealth, etc…*Forgive, forgive, forgive and never stop* Life is energy* Thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic* Forget thinking it robs you of life* Use your thoughts when you have too* Observe, notice, feel, and trust* Silence is really golden* Stop talking about others its gross, tell them for goodness sakes*Let what you say inspire yourself and another* Breath* Give, live all the time* Affirm the Truth* Life is about realizing* Who cares how much you know, that is dead weight, tell me what you love and how it makes you feel* Stop telling the world you are failure, not worthy, not deserving, because that is a lie, you can start over now* When you finally find someone you want to be with, don’t be co-dependent, be happy, enjoy, give all you got, and love that God brought you together, and appreciate them always, don’t take them for granted ever, and explore the outer reaches of oneness together* Smile* Smile again* Discover your heart desire and jump into the infinite, beautiful, loving, wings of the angels* This universe is for you always* It is a mystery with a better plan than yours* Forget your age it doesn’t matter really, what matters is that you lived in service, selfless* Don’t be selfish, pride filled, it is a turn off* Let life turn you on* Have sex often, as much as you can, if that is gross to you, get over it* Sometimes when things seem like they are not working, good, you are learning to let go* Struggle, pain help you grow in character and wisdom* The grass is not greener* Give everything away, you can’t go to the grave with it* Sometimes people are gross, and despicable, they don’t mean it ,they are scared* Speak, feel, and communicate from the heart, the head gets you no where* On December 26th 2012 the planet isn’t going to explode-Sorry* A real genius is one who is present, laughs, and doesn’t hold on to anything* Intellectual people are trapped in the mind- GET OUT THERE- we need you in the heart* Mother earth is alive and is life, stop treating her like she is dead and doesn’t care* You can’t find peace by creating war, so stop it* Be child like, not a child* We are equal in unconditional love, all of us, but that has to be discovered by each of us, so get to it* Don’t teach if you don’t walk what you have learned* We are all learning* Grow up, grow out, and get over it* Stay in your business and let your business be between you and God* All resentments, hurts, leave to heaven, you just forgive* Love you, you are loved, and you are light accept it* Don’t resist* Please vote* Be a possibilitarian* Stop labeling people* Yes there are other realms, angels, are not the only ones here* You are not the center of the world either* Amen* Truly…More at Inspirational Words– Pass It On
As we go through life, we learn little things here and there throughout the day. If we are wise and unafraid of success in our lives. We put these life lessons to use in living by them.
The perspective of this author here and his rules to live by, are one of a person who has been truly blessed with wisdom. The peace and love and joy this person must have, has to be great. The reason I say this is because I know that in life you get back what you put into it. In other words you reap what you sow. Now this person here seems to sow nothing but kindness, gentleness, love, forgivenes, understanding, acceptance of people, and so much more good stuff. What he gets back is more than likely twice as much or more of the same( as has been in my experience). Remember these rules and if you don’t see them as valuable now I’m sure you will eventually. If you keep them in mind and consider them thoroughly. Pondering on whether there is truth in them.
If you are already aware of their value, I’m there with you. May you and I continue to be blessed.
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One comment on “Inspirational Words

  1. Thank you for posting my inspirational words. I really appreciate it and posting it means a lot. Thank you so much for the kind words It made my night! Really. Sending you love and your readers.

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